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Tea stains

Well. This has certainly been an interesting week. Not even that long; three days. The response to my last blog post wasn’t what I expected. Truly, I expected it to ruffle a few feathers then sink without trace, rather like … Continue reading

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Today I punched a fly

I’ve had a busy few days – real life stuff, plenty of bus rides and errands to run – which I won’t bore you guys with here. But, as regards my online shenanigans, writing and so on…not bad. I’ve discovered, … Continue reading

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Rethinking my list of priorities

So I swithered about whether or not to put this blog post on my Patreon page as part of my regular writing update, but as it concerns not only Patreon but some other sites where I have an online presence … Continue reading

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My fuck harvest will be low this year

More drama in the romance publishing world. I know; what a shocker, right? This time, it’s the same old, same old, because plagiarism. One author who is possibly a group of authors (maybe) lifted huge chunks of other writers’ books, … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

I’ve thought long and hard about this blog post, whether I should or shouldn’t write it. It’s one of those posts that you should only write when you’re past the point of caring, and that’s pretty much where I am … Continue reading

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The Story

Hello. Yes, I’ve decided to resurrect this blog. Why now? Well…I’m beginning to get the itch again. Don’t worry, it’s not scabies. I mean the itch to write. And I figured splurging my brainthinks onto WordPress would be a good … Continue reading

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