Fancy a quickie?

Blog post, that is.

Things are going really well. My total for the year so far (because yes; I have an overall 2017 spreadsheet as well as using others for individual books I plan to write) is 5,261 words. And it’s only the 3rd of January. And I have to admit, on the 1st, I wrote next to nothing. It was a Sunday, New Year’s Day, went easy on myself. Maybe not the best idea when ‘write more’ is my main resolution, to start off the year with a lazy day, but it didn’t do me lasting damage as my above total shows. And I spent most of my ‘at the computer’ time on Sunday reading over what I have of the Deep Screw manuscript so far, trying to get back into the story.

Which I did. I’ve added 5k+ words to it and wouldn’t you know, the more I write, the farther away the finish line seems to get! MS Excel says we’re talking around 39,000 words. So much for a short novella. I always do this. Gravely underestimate the final word count and come up with a much longer piece. It’s not that I’m too wordy – at least I don’t think I am. I try not to overwrite that which needs to be written; it’s just that there’s more story hiding in the nooks and crannies of my outline or story idea than I at first realise.

That’s never been a problem before, because longer books mean my publishers can legitimately charge more, which means more royalties for me. However, now, longer books mean more time between releases and to be honest with you guys, that’s time I can ill afford. I need to keep word counts down so I can have more regular, frequent releases for my self-published stuff. Build up the backlist, work towards having more passive income. Go hell for leather for a set period of time until I’m financially secure enough to step back and write at a more leisurely pace.

So what to do? Put less detail in my work and risk the books seeming rushed? No, because that’s not the sort of book I enjoy reading, or want to write. Come up with ‘smaller’ stories? Fewer characters, a briefer period of time within the main romantic relationship? That’s a toughie, because I like the scope of going from first glance to an established HFN (happy-for-now) and the main characters agreeing to see where this thing is going.

Throw less shit at my main characters? Hmm.

I guess what I’m saying is, I like the way I write now. I just wish I did it faster! That’s something I’m working on, but no matter the speed at which I write, 40k words will always take longer to write than 25k. At the rate I’m going, I could write 40k words in approximately three weeks and that’s perfectly respectable, but I’ll be keeping a very close eye on any ways to up my productivity in 2017 as, to be blunt, I really need to make a go of this wordslinging lark. 😉 The fact I’ve had two nearly-done manuscripts on my laptop for a while is a shame, but in the here and now it works to my advantage because it won’t take long to finish them both, then I’ll have two releases in quick succession. And because one is M/M and the other hetero, there’ll be something to suit two different reading tastes.

So if they could both sell eleventy bajillion copies each when they’re published, that’d be grand.