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I wrote Twilight when I was 18 years old

I don’t mean the Stephenie Meyer novel – my version had a different title, different characters, different settings…but the similarities are many and varied. I wrote my novel from the 1st of October 1994 to the 31st of March 1995; Meyer … Continue reading

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A bit of housekeeping

It’s about time I blogged about something writing-related. I’ve been doing some housekeeping on the blog – changed the background colour, made up a new header. The old one was a scenic pic I took on my holidays a few … Continue reading

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Here’s that attention you ordered!

I’ve had to put up with shit on my spare Twitter account, and now it’s spread to my blog. Obviously “Still on Twitter” has a problem with reading comprehension and logic, as well as punctuation. It’s just a shame whoever … Continue reading

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Quick Twitter update

My appeal got turned down of course, so I moved onto my other account, @EvilRedClone, while I was dealing with that mess. Because I dared tweet about Scarlett Parrish from that account, I started getting abuse from, surprise surprise, a male … Continue reading

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And the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before

I’m not even going to add an explanation for this beyond a few words: You may think the above, the tweets for which I was suspended, are terrible enough to warrant a permanent suspension without warning. To that, I would … Continue reading

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Free writing my way to an explanation

I’m not usually one for free writing or journalling, reasoning that any words I put down should go towards my work-in-progress, otherwise they’re going to waste. However, I listened to a podcast about self-sabotage and procrastination earlier and it recommends … Continue reading

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Spreading my seed across teh intarwebs

Looking back over recent blog posts, I see there’s too much Twitter. Well, I mean if they weren’t such a bunch o’ bams over there, I wouldn’t have to whinge over here, but things seemed to have calmed down regarding my … Continue reading

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Twitter’s at it again and I’m so damn tired

I don’t even know what to say about this shit any more. I’m just tired. This happened last night: So I sent them this: And the same old, same old happened. Within an hour, I was back in. What happened … Continue reading

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

I’ve recently discovered the joys of calendar blocking, which is amazing as I’ve had my Chromebook for something like four years, and a smartphone for around two, so it’s taken me this long to start using Google Calendar. This video, … Continue reading

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Just call me Lazarus Boomerang

So, they let me back in and when you find out why, you’ll shit. Unsurprisingly, my (first) appeal to Twitter was rejected. So I lost my shit and sent them this: I had occasion to go out, so hit ‘send’, … Continue reading

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