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How I price my ebooks

I’ve recently done some housekeeping on my back catalogue; changing covers to make them more uniform, simplifying the pricing system and so on. Whereas before I used to have four price points depending on book length, I’ve minimised the ‘rules’ … Continue reading

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Authors getting butthurt. Again.

Okay, publishing world, it seems we need to have a little chat. You’re cyclical, I get that. Every so often the same subject rears its ugly head on Twitter or Facebook, it all kicks off and some writers’ delicate fee-fees … Continue reading

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What is theme?

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more. I’ve just had a mini-rant about this on Twitter and decided to bring it over to WordPress as it’s writing-related, after all. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of (particularly young, starting-out) … Continue reading

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Tea stains

Well. This has certainly been an interesting week. Not even that long; three days. The response to my last blog post wasn’t what I expected. Truly, I expected it to ruffle a few feathers then sink without trace, rather like … Continue reading

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A cup of tea before you go?

This is going to be a long blog post. 3,301 words, according to WordPress. Please bear with me; it’s detailed, and it’s been building up inside me for literally years. But finally, I’ve had enough. I’ve officially run out of … Continue reading

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No, we’re not all jealous of Kristen Martin

I wasn’t going to mention any more about the Kristen Martin thing after my blog post last Tuesday but whadaya know, Authortube drama refuses to die. Just another way in which she’s similar to a vampire. You all know how … Continue reading

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The most dramatic ARC story since Noah’s

And yes, I’m well aware Noah’s Ark is spelled with a K. Screw you, it’s funny. But! It wouldn’t be Tuesday without more author drama. Fair warning, this blog post will be link-heavy. Yesterday another author alerted me to the … Continue reading

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More ‘negative reviews’ fuckery on Twitter

Late again, but whadaya expect? This is me we’re talking about! Besides, it’s still Friday in America, so it’s your own fault for living in the wrong timezone. (Which includes me, given that its 1am on Saturday here.) Okay, so, … Continue reading

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How to highlight multiple uses of words in Google Docs

Any writers out there use Google Docs? This will be a short blog post this evening, just to give you guys a heads up about an add-on that I’ve found, called Writer’s Highlighter. The other day I was loosely editing a … Continue reading

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Ted Bundy is the template for Christian Grey: a treatise

Something occurred to me the other night, after I’d hit publish on my blog post about Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile and how it compared to the facts of the Ted Bundy case. Forgive me the name-dropping, but I was … Continue reading

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