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  • AMAZON – My author page, with links to all my books in Kindle format.
  • BOOKS2READ – Universal Book Links to all my self-published books.
  • EMAIL – Self-explanatory.
  • FACEBOOK (AUTHOR PAGE) – Follow for writing- and publication-related news.
  • FACEBOOK (PERSONAL PAGE) – Everyday stuff ‘n’ nonsense. Feel free to friend me.
  • INSTAGRAM – Photos of things that amuse me while I’m out and about, along with  writing-related snapshots.
  • KO-FI – Content on this blog will always be free, but if you enjoy what you read, please consider dropping a couple of bucks in my tip jar.
  • PATREON – Sponsor me on Patreon for $2 or $5 for various rewards and benefits including cover art reveals and exclusive extracts.
  • TINYLETTER – Where you can sign up for my free newsletter. I only send out letters on the third Tuesday of each month or when I have a new release to announce.
  • TWITTER – Providing Jack the Nazi-Gobbler hasn’t banned me for being a woman who hates White Supremacists yet.

Spew your brains all over my blog if you dare!

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