What I’m working on now

15 Jul

If there’s one good thing about my Twitter ban, it’s that it’s impossible for me to waste time on social media when I should be working. I mean, I can waste time in other ways, but Twitter can be one hell of a timesuck if I let it.

So with this in mind I opened up a new Google Doc last night and started on a new(ish) project. I had maybe 350 words of it written for weeks just sitting on my Chromebook and left it there while I organised all the other notes and ideas I had. Each one now has its own folder. So, the book I’m working on is called…

Eat Me.

No, I’m not kidding. Anyway, I wanted each upcoming novella and novel to have its own folder so I could set up a schedule and put my unwritten books in some semblance of ‘writing order’. Eat Me is next up and if I tell you the two main characters are called Sarah and Lucas, you’ll be able to tell it’s M/F.

The writing schedule I’ve set up for this is pretty ambitious. If all goes according to plan (and when does it ever) and the word count stays down (HA HA HA YEAH RIGHT) I should finish it on this coming Tuesday.

Last night after I got home around half nine – no-one could ever call me a dirty stopout – I wrote 2,500 words, which met my target for the day in two and a half hours. (I’m counting the 350 I already had down, which I retyped to flex my fingers and reactivate my typing muscle memory.) I meant to blog about this last night but was so tired I went to bed without bothering to sign in to WordPress.

At some point, when I have more of my outstanding projects completed, I want to run an experiment to see how quickly I can write a book from nothing to hitting ‘publish’ on Amazon. Just now I have a mess of notes and ideas to get through, and I’d love to see how quickly I can go from ‘having nothing on paper, no outlines, names or scenes’ to ‘cover art, completed manuscript, blurb and keywords DONE’.

For the moment, I’m going back to completing Chapter 1 of Eat Me. For the first look at the cover art, please sign up to my newsletter here. I plan to send it out when the first draft is done, so you’ll get first peep before any blog readers or Twitter followers. 🙂


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