Cover reveal – Deep Screw

Three quarters into February and as yet unpublished in 2017 but fret ye not, I have been working on Deep Screw and IT’S ACTUALLY FINISHED. I remember saying, might have been on Twitter, that I’d do a cover reveal when the first draft was done but I’ve held off until now, so there won’t be too long between the reveal, and me hitting ‘publish’ on Amazon.

I’m doing a final (I hope) read-through just to check for…well, I don’t know what. Hoping to get this online and available sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s the cover, done by James at, followed by the blurb:deep-screwCameron Carmichael used to be on top of the world—literally—as a World Snooker Champion and World Number One. These days, his mood is sinking faster than his ranking. Only thirty-one and barely holding on to his top-16 placement, his automatic pass into all the big tournaments, Cameron’s considering retirement.

It might be time to hang up his snooker cue; the only thing keeping him on the circuit is a taste for the finer things in life and snooker does pay very well. And there’s something else he has to deal with—an unavoidable attraction to Ryan Miller, a cocky young challenger with an eye for the trophies that used to be Cameron’s.


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