Quick update

Not blogged in a few days, but I have been writing. Promise. My momentum’s slowed down a little, sad to say, and I have no-one else to blame but myself. And tiredness. I’ve had a few real-life matters to deal with, which involve paperwork and offices and queuing here and there, waiting for someone to rubber-stamp a form I’ve filled in and so on, and by the time I get home I’m knackered. I put that down to the amount of migraine medication I’m on not giving me many ‘clear-headed’ hours in the day.

Total for the year so far is 13,877 words. Less than other authors have achieved, I know, but far more than I myself did in the entirety of last year. I’ve had four zero days in January, which means I could have had another 8,000 words if I’d met my daily target. Two Sundays, a Wednesday and a Thursday. It might seem a bit anal of me to record such details, but in the future it may enable me to look back and see on which days I’m most tired, or out of the house, or plain old lazy. Then I can prepare for that, try to mitigate the circumstances which lead to coming up with sweet F.A. all day long.

So. Deep Screw. How’s that coming along? 39,594 words. So much for it being a short novella of around 25k words if I’m lucky! A shade under the 40k mark and, honestly? I’ll be lucky if it comes in under 45k.  When I outline, my outlines are so baggy, with so much ‘give’ in them, that I discover things along the way, in the writing, that lead me down other paths and necessitate adding a couple of chapters here and there.

I hoped to finish this book last week, but those other paths meant that didn’t happen. With a bit of luck, and if I push myself, I should finish this weekend, and I’ll be able to blog my cover reveal, something I promised myself I’d only do when the manuscript was finished.

Back to work for me, then.


2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Sounds to me like you’re still doing really well, so celebrate what you have achieved and don’t worry too much about the few days where you didn’t manage to write. You’ve still done amazingly!

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