Hello. Here are some words.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (so much so that the WordPress widgety interfacey thing has changed its appearance again) but here I am, back in the new year, with a whole buncha plans. Ish.

A few things have been going on and being dealt with in my real life…and that phrase, it never sounds right, does it? As if what happens on the internet is somehow less real, because you’re not honest-to-goodness human beans out there, are you? You’re just a load of old pixels on a screen. Anyway, there’s been some shiz going on in my ‘real’ life that I’ve been dealing with, some illness too that comes and goes.

It’s a new year, and like so many others, I’m thinking of resolutions, in particular those related to writing. I have a writing buddy I discussed this with yesterday – not sure if she’s okay with being named here, so I’ll keep her anonymous for now. I came up with a short list of goals that would push me hard to be productive, but goals that aren’t so tough I’m heading for burnout or depression before I even start.

I have goals for the number of books I want to read, and a rule that I must read three from Mount TBR before I buy one – and re-reads don’t count. They must be brand, spanking new-to-me. I have a ridiculous amount of unread books on shelves and my Kindle and I need to be strict with myself to bring that number down. (Print and ebooks to be counted separately.)

When it comes to writing, I’ll be going for 2k words a day, which will earn me a sticker on my 2017 calendar and one episode of my ‘reward’ TV show. Legend of the Seeker, since you ask. And when both seasons of that are done, I’ll move on to Game of Thrones. LotS has 22 episodes in Season One, so that’s 44k words I’ll have to write to ‘earn’ it. 44k words would finish off the two nearly-done manuscripts I have sitting on my laptop, and get me a good way into a third book. Possibly even finish a third book, if it were an average-sized novella.

And I’ll be writing every day. Some writers say that’s the way to become productive. You need an ‘every day’ routine. Others say they’d burn out. Well, for me, it seems like a good idea. I’ll be aiming for 2k words per day and no doubt there will be plenty of days when I don’t make it and my reward TV show will just have to wait, but to simply sit down and write something each day can only be a good thing in my view.

Other things appear on my resolutions list too, but they’re related to my everyday life. Chores, household matters and so on. I may mention them another time if I think they’re relevant. They’re mainly just things to do with routine and organisation. Training myself to be more efficient with that most important of commodities – time.

Anyway, the aforementioned buddy, Anne O’Nymous, is determined to be more productive in 2017 too, and it always helps when you’ve got someone else trying to churn out the smut- er, I mean, publish a mountain of filth- no, wait, develop a more productive writing routine too. I’ve also considered daily blogging but that might lead to posts that are a tad same old, same old. We’ll see.

So! Let’s see how many stickers I can earn myself in 2017, eh? (And how many seasons of LotS and GoT I can work my way through.)


3 thoughts on “Hello. Here are some words.

  1. I too hope to have a more productive 2017! In fairness, topping 2016 for productivity should be fairly easy for me, since I had a terrible year. So, I’m working on sorting out a new routine for myself, as this year I’d really like to get back into writing.

    It must be really handy to have a writing buddy. I need to find some writing communities or something, because I’ve always felt a bit alone with no one to talk to about it. Another resolution for 2017 perhaps 😉

    I might steal your idea of rewarding yourself with an episode of a show for writing a set number of words. I’m a bit of a movie/tv-show addict though, so that’d be a lot of writing to keep somewhat up to date on my shows. 😀 But maybe that’s what I need!

    Here’s to a productive 2017 for everyone!

    • Feel free to steal my TV-show-episode-reward idea. Anything that gets words written is okay by me! I chose LotS because it wasn’t free on Prime; I had to pay for it, and that makes it more…valuable, I guess, in my eyes? More important, anyway. More of a treat when I finally get to watch it. And the more I watch, the more I want to, so the more I have to write!

      In theory. It’s working so far. After all of one day. 😀

  2. Brilliant rule about the 3:1 TBR pile (one of my goals is to not purchase books or office supplies until I finish what I’ve got–possible for office supplies, not so much books). FWIW, I find I do better at the life changes (I refuse to say resolution) if I implement slowly and have some sort of accountability (e.g., Apple Watch nags me to exercise, my Tally app is for tracking if I played the piano or practiced Welsh). Writing is so much harder to quantify and I’m terrible with the X words goal–generally, personally, if the X words aren’t written by 1 PM, they won’t be, and I often don’t try if I’ve been otherwise busy. But since I got myself hooked on Welsh soap operas as part of learning the language, that may be how I get my words in Scrivener. 🙂 Thank you!

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