More stories. Nice ones.

After my previous blog post I thought it appropriate to move on to what I’m working on these days. It’s going to be pretty hard getting back into any manuscript I began months back and in one case, years, but it would be a shame to just leave them unfinished. They may not make me rich but they certainly won’t earn me anything, merely taking up space on my hard drive.

I have two books for which I bought cover art way-back-when. I’ve mentioned them both before but as I’ve deleted all previous blog posts in the spirit of fresh starts, I’ll recap.

The book I started writing years ago is called Family Jewels. It’s embarrassing how long ago I started work on it. Something like five years. As things stand, it’s loaded into Scrivener and totalling 54k words, although how accurate Scrivener’s word count is, I don’t know. I’ve noted in the past that it differs from MS Word’s but not by too much. I have another 5 chapters to write. Shouldn’t take too much typing time, but of course I’ll need to get back into the story first, which will require re-reading what I have of the manuscript so far and going over my notes with a fine-tooth comb. M/F, BDSM-lite, meaning things get a wee bit saucy but not what you’d call kinky.

The other project for which I have cover art is Deep Screw, a M/M sports romance. Three chapters to fully write and another to wrap up (more or less done). As my current word count sidebar widget suggests, I’m 67% through with another 11k words to write. As this is the shorter of the two books with (probably) the smaller number of words needed for completion, this is the one I’ll choose to go back to first. Re-reading what I’ve already done won’t take as long as diving back in to FJ.

There’s that, and the fact Bronwyn Green read my previous blog post, saw the sidebar widget and DM’d me on Twitter, “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A BOOK CALLED DEEP SCREW YOU NEED TO WRITE THIS NOW.”

I’ll post the cover art for DS when I’ve finished the first draft. As I’m only just getting back into this, I don’t want to over-estimate my writing speed and stamina, especially as I now have a day job and other things with which to concern myself, but at a rough guess I’d say I’ll be done with DS by the end of October.

Which leaves me just enough time to make a decision on whether or not to participate in NaNoWriMo this year…



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