Friday at last!

It’s Friday and the weekend starts here. So they tell me. I’m fortunate enough to have a day job but at the risk of sounding ungrateful, it bores me. It’s not challenging and at times, I get irritated at being told how to do my job by those who have little-to-no idea what my job entails. “Hey, I’ve got this great idea on how you can double your workload pointlessly and slow yourself right down, thereby practically guaranteeing you miss important deadlines!”


It pays the rent and puts food on the table. I can’t deny that. However, I also can’t deny that it’s not what I envisioned myself doing with my adult life. What else can I do to make money? Write. I’ve made pretty pleasing amounts of money in the past, but not frequently enough and not often enough. (Take the largest cheque I’ve ever received and double it. If I could do that every week, I could easily afford to quit the day job.) Upshot is, this is pretty strong motivation to treat writing like my main job. If I fit writing around a million other things in life, well, it very likely won’t get done. Or it’ll be the first thing I drop if other, allegedly more important, things come up.

Clearly I can’t just drop the day job (I wish) and it has a set timetable, so yes, in a way, writing needs to fit around that. But I’ve heard some folks say if you want writing to be your main job, treat it like it is, before it is. In other words, I need to have set times for writing, and I need to honour that time, barring illness. Block out time for it in the way I do with the day job. In the way I do for chores. In the way I do for certain other things in life.

I’m also going to look at ways of fitting micro-sessions of writing in to my day-to-day life. Perhaps keeping a notepad with me everywhere I go, making notes for story ideas on the move instead of waiting until I get home to my desk, that sort of thing.

My manuscripts are kept on my Chromebook which I can’t exactly carry with me everywhere. If I show up at the office with my personal computer, well, that’s inviting accusations of skiving on work time, and quite right too. So I won’t be able to work directly on my works-in-progress through the day. Maybe in future I can work something out, learn shorthand, scribble bits of dialogue on my lunch break. Earn a fortune so I can quit the day job and stay home all day, never changing out of my Primark pyjamas?

A girl can dream.

I’m back! Who missed me?

Last night I was pootling around on my KDP dashboard and discovered it was exactly a year since I’d published anything. Coincidental, huh? I hit ‘publish’ on the 8th February but the publication day shows as the 9th as it took a few hours to clear, so this is kinda still the anniverary in a way.

Anyway, I’d been thinking of getting back into the writing game and the dates matching up made it seem like an appropriate time to start blogging again — especially as, if I recall correctly, I started this blog also in the month of February. Not sure of the exact date and can’t check it as I’ve deleted all my old posts, but it was definitely at some point in the second month.

I’ve been making notes in a superspeshul Paperchase notebook with a superspeshul Uni-Ball Vision Elite pen (0.8mm nib, cost me about £2:50) in blue gel ink and if that doesn’t get me going again, nothing will.

Okay, okay, I fully acknowledge that things won’t make me write fiction again. Only the desire to do so, and a heap of self-discipline will.

That didn’t stop me buying a pocket diary and some stickers as well, though.😉 I thought about awarding myself a sticker every day I hit 1,000 words but no — I think I’ll go easy on myself. A sticker for each day I write something. Even a paragraph. My aim at first is consistency, then after a few weeks (or hopefully months!) I’ll think about targets.

So. That’s that. Hello again, I’m blogging once more and attempting to get words on the page. Or pixels on the screen, as I use Scrivener to write.